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Friday, 13 April 2012

Today is the beginning of a crazy idea.

An idea to stop the erosion of stories and memories in our family

Not in the same way that a family tree records the births deaths and marriages, but on a level that delves a little deeper into the wrinkles of my family, into the laugh lines, and glassy eyed moments before a tear. The glint of cheekiness and the sense of remembering a great moment in your life.

The inspiration

About three and a half years ago I was pregnant with my first child, my dad emailed over an old program from a motorbike event from his collection. The scanned image was the program from a night when my Dad was racing and the reverse side with some handwriting on it. My Dad lost both his parents by 33 years old. So to find these handwritten notes after 30 years is just precious.

Dad described in his email how it really moved him to go through some old photos and programs and to find his Dads hand writing on the back.


How do you catch that moment? How can I steal time back in years to come?

And how do you ask your family to contribute to building something that could end up being a project for the rest of my life?

The plan starts today

I've recorded my first audio recording of my Dad, talking about his first car.

I'm hoping to record some excerpts in video, some audio, some handwritten notes, some typed, a range of scanned photos and memorabilia to tell our story.

There are so many layers to a family, parents, grandparents, siblings, marriages, in laws, ring-ins.

I'm aiming to maintain this till at least my next birthday. I just had a birthday on the 30th of March. So I hope I am still going by 30 March 2013.

Wish me luck!!


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