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Friday, 20 April 2012

Family Gatherings

My mum and dad have shared with me some special photos lately. Whilst there are many to choose from.

Here are a couple that are especially cute. A family reunion on my Dad's Mum's side (Nan H's family). My Dad's two sisters and one brother picture here have passed away.

I remember the family reunion, there was a big old tree on the property. The kids( including me ) were hell bent on knocking down the nuts in the tree to eat them, My memory isn't that great, but I think they were macadamia nuts. We collected, climbed and cracked open as many as we could.

The house that we all met at was one of Nan's relatives, as it turns out, she was one of twelve children. Hard to imagine in this day and age when we often have either none, one or two kids and pull up there. I understand that this house is Nan's sister's home. I'm guessing this photo was Circa 1988ish

Can you guess which one is me?

The other special photo I'm sharing is of a celebration for my grandparents wedding anniversary. I love that my Pop (Dad's father) wore a tie. It was the mid to late 70's. My mum is holding my sister on her lap. They'd become a family of three by then, I hadn't even been thought of.

It's funny to draw a parallel, Mum and Dad were at about the same stage as where I am in my life, I'm blessed to have my husband, my son, and both of our parents are here to chat with whenever we like.

Celebrations are lovely at the time, but I'm beginning to appreciate that looking back at things like this can capture more than just that event.


  1. And how nice was that it was at our other grandparents house and I have that table and chairs sitting on my deck wish I got to meet nan and pop :(

  2. This project is prompting me to ask so many more questions about Nan and Pop.

    I loved the chairs you are talking about. I love the ones at the ends of the table with the arm rests. They reminded me as a kid of a king's throne.

    I remember having meals at that table, and Granddad laying at the end of the table on the floor in the sun reading the bible on that lion cub feather down pillow.

    Mum told me last week that she has that pillow. She has recovered it.